Enduroman 2018 update


John is currently in heavy training for a new attempt at the World Record for Enduroman in Sep 2017.

Seen here, slightly sleepy outside GESAC, he's just completed a 7k swim, consisting mainly of 100's. 

70 x 100 meter efforts in the pool (20 off 1:25 cycle, 40 off 1:20 cycle, 10 off 1:15 cycle).

All set tomorrow for another 50km run. 

With about 2 months to go, these long runs will increase to 70 km.

Luckily, there is no trace of the calf injury that derailed John's last attempt at the record in 2016.  A few months of rest, and gradual return to running has meant his calves are now in good shape for the event.